Smell has a profound effect on our brains!

“Many religious traditions have contended that burning incense is good for the soul. Now, biologists have learned that it is good for our brains too.” — Science Daily, science research by the International team of scientists and researchers from Johns Hopkins University & the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. [1]

Another study from the University of Florida suggests that “smells inhibit and excite cells in the olfactory area of the brain creating changes in the brain.”[2]

With science backing up that burning different scents of incense activates poorly understood ion channels in the brain to alleviate different issues, and personal experiences of many people suggest that the pleasant smell of incense does influence mood, emotions and the brain in a very positive way. 

The following incense scents are commonly used for Buddhism, meditation and other spiritual practices:

• Sandalwood removes tension and stress, used in spiritual groups for creating awareness.

• Rose, creating balance and soothing away tension and at the same time increasing focus… thus allowing you to meditate deeper.

• Lavender, relieve stress and aids relax

• Jasmine, anti-depressant, balancing hormones

• Cinnamon, known for increasing focus

• Cedar or pine, well known to help with depression and sadness

 [1] Science Daily, Burning Incense is Psychoactive [2] The Health Benefits of Incense, OMTimes

At Aik Che Hiong, we specialize in sandalwood incense joss sticks since 1938. Our most popular premium sandalwood incense is the highest quality available, used by many devotees and religious masters. 

Note: We recommend that whilst the incense sticks are being lit, please do make sure that you have proper air circulation in your space, weather permissible open environment and avoid inhaling the fumes directly.

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